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Blender 3D Course Bundle: Character Creation

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Learn how to model your own characters!

This course will enable you to model your own artwork, but for this class we will be going through a simplified version of this character. We will cover all the techniques used to make the final product and I will cover texturing him in a follow up course.

This course is not intended to be a step by step process on how to make this particular character. Rather my goal is to teach you the techniques needed to make your own artwork. Please see final image for the end result of the course. Promo files are included. Includes access to full process recording of promo image.

There will be time-lapse sections in this course where I explain the techniques then fast forward through the process to the next technique. This is to keep the course at a reasonable length and to focus on the fundamentals of modeling. If you want to make this character step by step. I’ve included a link to a full 4.5 hour recording of me modeling this character with keyboard shortcuts turned on. I’ve also included a trace layer in the project file. This is my model with the wireframe turned on and opacity turned down so you can follow along by trying to copy and trace my model if you would like to learn that way

This class will walk you through the following:

  • Modeling Workflow
  • 3D Topology

Learn to texture your artwork!

We will be painting a character together, texturing the character, lighting, and rendering our scene. While creating our 3D scene we will be covering Blender’s texturing tools and workflow. This class is intended to help master texture painting in Blender.

The promo image differs slightly stylistically from end result. This course will teach all the used techniques, but the final result was altered slightly to run on slower machines and to be more accessible. Please see final image for the end result of the course. Project files for promo image are included. Includes access to full process recording of promo image. Hair particles are included in my YouTube tutorial, link included for convenience.

This class will walk you through the following:

  • Texture Painting Workflow
  • PBR Materials
  • UV Unwrapping Basics

If you're brand new to Blender or need a refresher, I'd recommend checking out

This courses uses 2.9x but works in current versions of Blender

Royalty Free License

All products are Royalty Free unless otherwise specified.

  • The products may be used for personal, educational, or commercial use as long as it does not violate the following:
  • You may not resell or redistribute the purchased products without explicit permission from the original author SouthernShotty. This includes distributing project files with shaders and materials included.
  • You can not use the purchased products (including characters) in a logo, watermark, or trademark. Shaders, model asset packs, particles, material, and texture products are exempt from this rule.
  • Contact with any questions.

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Course Lessons and Project Files

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Blender 3D Course Bundle: Character Creation

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